How are you finding freedom and solace in writing or creating?

As I write this, I wonder if stress-free creativity is an oxymoron? Is it possible to create without any stress at all?

I think so. We all started writing or painting or designing because it intrigued us. We found it interesting and then eventually fell in love with the craft. Sometimes that love can get muddled, but that’s what we’re here to talk about.

What does stress-free creativity look like to you? Are you creating something that only you see? …

We call this newsletter SCREAM because sometimes you just need to let it out. That’s what writing and creating are all about and at CRY, we encourage you to let loose and share your emotions about the creative process.

This week, we’ve had some gems. Shirley Jones writes about her success journey and how that connects to the relationship she shares with her mother.

In his piece The Relationship Between Music and Writing, A.X. Bates compares one art to the next and shows the power in them both.

Speaking of power, in what is probably the most moving piece on…

CRY has partnered with Toronto Writers Collective (TWC) to share this incredible opportunity for emerging writers. TWC’s mission is to inspire and empower the unheard through writing and they’ve done just that for a countless number of writers.

Please read below and apply if you’re interested. You DO NOT need to be from Toronto to participate.

Do you have a story to tell? The Toronto Writers Collective is offering the opportunity to celebrate and amplify powerful voices in collaboration with 8 professional authors. Your voice, your stories.

Between July and September, emerging authors will create new works that explore the…

Our theme this month is freedom and we loved all the submissions from our previous writing prompt. It’s incredible how creative you can get and how widely you interpret our requests.

For this week, we want to talk about success. More specifically, how do you define success as a writer?

It’s so easy to scroll through any number of your feeds and see posts about people winning. New book deals, viral posts, new editor positions, newsletters with 10,000+ subscribers—all of that can really mess with your psyche and impact how you view your own journey.

That’s why it’s important to…

As CRY continues to find ways to connect and support the creation of powerful stories, we’ve recently started a new platform.

It’s called Love & Literature and our mission is to highlight the real-life stories from voices around the world and connect them to readers who want to be inspired, educated, and entertained.

Love & Literature shares one short story a month, broken down into weekly chapters, from authors we hand-pick. We partner with groups and individuals from every continent to ensure we find writers who are representative of unique cultural, emotional, and lived experiences.

Working this way also allows…

There’s something about summer. Even if you don’t live in a region where the weather symbolizes the shift in season, summer feels like a newfound freedom.

Living in Toronto, Canada, summer is when I’m most active. It’s when the breeze whispers ideas and the sun’s rays seep into my creative soul. I was born in the summer, so my connection to this time of year feels uncanny.

I feel free.

But that’s me and this prompt is all about you. When do you feel your most free? Is there a time of day? A season like me? …

We all have one. For me, my relationship with writing is mostly about love, partly about obsession, and always about being caught in constant pursuit of perfection and acknowledgment.

Writing brings me a pleasure that’s difficult to explain, but it also can be frustrating, elusive, and even angering. All of these emotions somehow make it into my words.

But this is all about you. What’s your relationship with writing? How would you describe it? How do you nurture this relationship to make sure it lasts?

Same rules as always:

  • If you’re already a writer for CRY, go ahead and submit.
  • If you’re not a…

Kern Carter

Writer | Ghostwriter | Author of Thoughts of a Fractured Soul and Beauty Scars |

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