As we approach Mother’s Day, we can’t ignore the parallels of giving birth to life with giving birth to a new piece of writing.

Obviously, there’s nothing that can replace true birth, but as writers, we conceive stories and deliver them to the world. That is certainly a form of birth that is meaningful to us all.

That said, there’s a lot to consider before pushing publish. How do you prepare yourself emotionally before sharing your words with the world? Do you have any rules or a routine? I know I don’t publish anything on the same day I’ve written…

As a writer, we find inspiration from a lot of places. A lot of that inspiration makes its way into our writing. But what happens when the inspiration for your writing is your own life?

For this week’s call for submissions, we’d like you to answer this question: how comfortable are you with using your own life as inspiration for your writing?

There are different ways to think about this. Using your life as inspo can be as detached as including the character traits of a person you saw at the library. …

The hard part about standing out as a writer is figuring out how to differentiate yourself. We all want to be heard. We all want our words to be significant and distinct.

As we think about what it means to share our thoughts and creations publicly, what are you doing to define your voice? How do you want to be known and remembered in reference to your writing? What steps are you taking to make sure that your voice is authentic?

For example, Kern Carter writes a lot about the creative struggle, particularly from the emotional perspective. Between those pieces…

“There can be a kind of freedom, when the reward is itself the work.” Poet, Nikki Giovanni

Writers and other creatives are always expected to share/perform and open themselves up to the world. It’s what we do. But I’ve learned in my career as a writer that there is something sacred about creating just to create.

When you create something you know no one will see, when it’s for your eyes and your eyes only, there’s a freedom in that. It’s almost like self-care for your soul.

So for this week’s prompt, we’d like you to talk about what you…

In the literary world this week, HarperCollins is acquiring HMH, Mike Pence is getting a $4 mill book deal, and Younger returns for its final season.

That’s a lot to take in. Let’s start with Younger. It’s a series on Amazon that fictionalizes the publishing industry. It’s light, funny, but also gives some basic insight into the literary world. This will be seven seasons of Younger, so it’s obviously been a hit.

Speaking of hits, Simon and Schuster is hoping that former Vice President, Mike Pence, will produce a hit book. …

Insecurity feels so familiar for many of us writers. So often, we can be our own worst critics and that can prevent us from writing and trying to get our writing out into the world.

For this week’s call to submission, tell us about a time or times you’ve felt insecure about your writing. Did it prevent you from putting words on the page? How did you get over it?

Be as creative as you want when telling the story. Use the prompt as a guide to describe how insecurity has played a role in your journey as a writer.

Same rules as always:

Kern Carter

Writer | Ghostwriter | Author of Thoughts of a Fractured Soul and Beauty Scars |

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