Just recently, my daughter started posting her fashion creations. She creates images on clothing and for months, she was almost paralyzed by the fear of sharing those images publicly.

I’ve been writing and sharing for so long that I forgot what it felt like to share my work publicly for the first time. It’s definitely frightening and it took a lot of encouragement for my daughter to start posting publicly.

I’m happy to say that she now gets orders weekly and is already planning what her studio will look like, but those months of fear were real.

Our prompt this…

Is there a connection?

Our relationships are core to the way we function and experience life. But they’re also a key part to the way we create our stories. Who we’re around, the people we interact with, the perspectives we let into our lives and our minds, it all creeps its way into our writing.

Knowing that, how do you think about your relationships? Do they play a big part in your writing? Do they impact your writing at all? Do you have to separate yourself from certain relationships in order to be your most creative?

Same rules still apply:

  • You can submit to…

It’s as thrilling as it sounds.

Image by Maia Leggott

In case you missed it, CRY has started a new storytelling platform called Love & Literature. We invite a different writer each month to share raw, memoir-style stories broken down into four chapters which we share every Sunday.

This month, we’ve had our boldest story to date. It’s called Sex, Drugs & Endometriosis and is written by a gifted writer named Maia Leggott.

The first two chapters are already out and the response has been unbelievable. Check out the first two chapters yourself:


This is an interesting time to be a writer. We’re storytellers, journalists, authors, and bloggers all sharing our innermost thoughts for public consumption. But are we really being as honest and true to our feelings as we think?

Every single time we press publish, we risk offending the wrong crowd. And that fear has created a kind of groupthink that can be debilitating to creativity and authenticity. In other words, we can be writing not to offend instead of writing how we truly feel.

Are you guilty of this? Do you censor your writing so as not to be “cancelled?”…

We want you to be your best, and that means having the resources to advance your skills and take advantage of opportunities to share your work. With that said, we want to share a couple of resources that can help elevate your game as a freelance writer:

One More Question

One More Question is the newsletter for freelance writers that won’t let you quit! This is a place for the resources and support you need to make it work as a working writer. Even when it’s really hard. …

How do you not let fear control you?

We’ve all been there. Staring at a completed piece wondering how the world is going to react. We’ve written and rewritten that thing so many times that we can recite it by heart.

But it’s time to hit publish and you’re worried about the reaction. Or maybe we take a step back. Maybe your fear prevents you or makes it difficult to even get started. Whenever it kicks in, fear can be debilitating.

So how do you handle it? What do you do to alleviate your fear? …

It’s a word we writers and creators shy away from, but if we’re able to keep it all the way real with ourselves, jealousy is a thing. A real thing. Something a lot of us feel in some way when we see other creatives flourishing.

And just to be clear, you can feel jealous and still be happy for someone. The jealousy I’m speaking about is that feeling in the pit of your stomach that you can’t shake. It’s you reading a post about another writer achieving something outstanding and wishing it could be you. …

Every so often, I sit alone and ask myself a few questions: am I pushing myself hard enough? Am I doing everything I can to be my most productive? Is my work ethic matching my ambition?

If in my heart I can confidently answer yes to all of these questions, then I know I can live with the results. But there are times I can’t answer affirmatively, and in those moments, I know there’s no one to blame but myself.

Our writing prompt this week is about accountability. Are you holding yourself accountable? Are you doing what you’ve promised yourself…

Kern Carter

Writer | Ghostwriter | Author of Thoughts of a Fractured Soul and Beauty Scars | #WEOC

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