We all have dreams of turning our passion for writing and creating into something the world recognizes. There’s an image we hold in our minds of what our careers can look like and some of us are closer to that image than others.

When we look across the virtual room and see our peers absolutely killing it and getting the attention that we’re working so hard to achieve, our emotions can get the best of us. We compare. Even though we know we’re not supposed to, our initial reaction is some version of “why not me?”

The question we need to ask ourselves is how much are we letting those comparisons impact our own journey? Are we becoming deflated because we’re not at the level of that other person we saw rise to success? Do we start to push ourselves to work harder or force ourselves to do things outside of our character to get attention? …

With all the conversation about censorship dominating the political world, we wanted to discuss what censorship means for creatives. As writers and artists, our goal is to express ourselves as honestly as possible. Being censored is like creating within a boundary, and if we didn’t build that boundary ourselves, we’re at the mercy of these walls which are defined by something outside of our own imaginations.

CRY takes on this topic in an article by Kern Carter:

How Censorship Will Hurt Writers and Artists

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We also had another incredible week of content. Debdutta wrote about “How to Write When You’re Disconnected From Yourself” and everyone sure is ready to get the new U.S …

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My friend said this to me one day: “Kern, it doesn’t matter what book you burn, it’s still fascism.”

That message has stuck with me, and as we’re witnessing the censoring of what is labelled as radical thought, I wonder if we’re treading on dangerous waters.

Censorship, at least in North America, seems to be a liberal concept. Conservatives hate the notion of anyone prohibiting their free speech, but liberals believe that some speech goes too far.

Most notably, we’ve seen former President Donald Trump banned from Twitter and Facebook for rhetoric that both platforms said has become too dangerous, primarily for his role in inciting the violence on Capitol Hill. Liberals would argue that this ban is 3.5 …

Over the weekend, Black Twitter went into a bit of a rage over the Kamala Harris cover on Vogue. Many didn’t feel it told the story or captured the importance of the moment. Others thought the pic was just plain bad.

The fact that a Black photographer shot these images only complicated the matter. We write about whether or not Black people are overexaggerating the situation or if we actually have reasons to be upset. Here’s an excerpt:

“Part of it just the nature of social media. People can get into a huff about whatever they want and when you pair two industries as powerful and fashion and politics together, there’s bound to be some strong opinions.

How does what is essentially a bad picture cause so much uproar? Because both Vogue and Kamala Harris represent a greater story.

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Image by Tyler Mitchell for Vogue Magazine

When Kamala Harris has officially sworn in as the first Black, Female Vice President, no one will care about this. Many Americans, Black Americans in particular, will be cheering her on and won’t remember that a week earlier, they were raging on Twitter about the quality of a cover image on a fashion magazine.

Yes, that fashion magazine is Vogue and the cover image is someone who will be seated next to arguably the most influential political figure in the world. …

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I’m always cautious not to put too many expectations on the turn of the year. I know it’s a milestone that presents itself as the ideal time to reset your life, but the truth is that really is just another day.

The chaos of this past week is proof of that.

The universe doesn’t care about our resolutions. When the clocks rolled past midnight, it took away lives as routinely as it gave birth to new ones. Any challenges we had the day before still need to be overcome just as any dream still needs to be achieved.

We are creatures conditioned for purpose. We need reasons to open our eyes every morning and motivation to take on each day. A new year is like a gift we wait nearly 400 days to open hoping it will give us that thing we need to keep going. …

How people write history will shape how people remember it.

Why are so many musicians selling their catalogues? Bob Dylan, L’il Wayne, Imagine Dragons, Calvin Harris and others have sold their catalogues for tens and sometimes hundreds of millions of dollars.

Dan Runcie from Trapital breaks down why in this video:

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Image by Kern Carter

I was struggling. I couldn’t figure out how to express my needs to my girlfriend. Did I want an open relationship? Did I need a break? None of those cliches fit with what I felt in my heart and because I couldn’t communicate what I wanted, our relationship, normally steady, started to suffer.

A week or so after another failure of articulation, I found myself at a friend’s house on our fourth glass of wine. She is what I consider a free spirit. …


Kern Carter

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