If you missed it this week, Twitter is introducing a few new features. One of them is a Groups feature that appears to be similar to what you can do on Facebook. The other feature is Twitter’s version of a newsletter that followers can subscribe to. I’m still not sure exactly how that will work, but newsletters are a big deal now so Twitter is riding the wave on that one.

The most interesting new feature that caused Twitter to trend on its own platform this week has been the revelation that it will soon be possible to charge your…

This week on CRY

This week was all about the different journeys we take in our creative careers. Being a writer or artist can feel like such a gamble. Depending on your goals, on whether or not you’re trying to make your art your career, the journey takes on so many shapes.

Gurpreet Dhariwal writes about picking up the paintbrush after 30 years.

Why I Picked Up The Paintbrush Again After 30 Years

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Verbieann Hardy path back to writing stretched over her entire life. She’s in her 70s now and has found her way back to words. Verbieann says:

“I did not have the courage or self-belief to become a…

CRY takes pride in being a global magazine, so when Gurpreet Dhariwal presented the idea of writing about the farmers' protests in India, we were all for it. Gurpreet found a way to connect the story to culture and it made sense for CRY to publish.

Rihanna’s Tweet About the Farmers’ Protests Awakened the Indian Government

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Writer Casira Copes wrote about the confusion of settling on a creative title. As writers and artists and designers, we can limit ourselves to be any of those things but struggle if we have all of those talents. Casira articulates this beautifully in her piece titled Caught Between a Pen and a Paintbrush.

Caught Between a Pen and a Paintbrush

Joe Budden, Zendaya and other creators doing business the way it should be done.

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I recently tweeted that I still don’t know how I feel about Malcolm and Marie. I don’t know if it's a masterpiece or if it’s a condensed version of a month-long argument between couples.

My personal feelings aside, what’s even more interesting about the creation of this film is the payment structure. Writer/Director Sam Levinson and star Zendaya included the crew in the ownership of the film. …

Joe Budden moving to Patreon is a big deal. We’ll be talking more about this on CRY later this week.

I may destroy you with this piece

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Why are we still valuing Black art and artists by its proximity to whiteness? Because I know what watching I May Destroy You did for me. I know the conversations it started and how it showed an audacity and fierceness and beauty that was completely electric on the screen.

I know what it did for the Black community. Twitter is what introduced me to I May Destroy You and since I really enjoyed Michaela Coel’s role in Black Earth Rising, I thought I’d give it a shot.

And without overselling the series, some…

Not everyone can have a valentine’s, but we can all remember that feeling of falling in love with words.

I wrote my first book in third grade. I was 8 years old and the story was called The Battle. My mom promises she still has it somewhere, though she’s yet to produce a copy.

All that to say that I’ve loved writing for a long time. I don’t remember a time not loving words. But this is all about you, so tell us when you first knew that you were called to be a writer.

Same rules as always:

  • If you’re already a writer…

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