I grew up with abundance

Kern Carter
2 min readFeb 19, 2022
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Do you want me to tell you that I came from nothing? Would my story of being born into a home with no hot water on an island smaller than the city I currently live in make you cheer louder?

What if I told you that I had one TV, two channels, one “nice” pair of shoes and two school uniforms? Or that chickens occupied our front yard and we boiled water and poured it into buckets of cold water to take baths.

Is that closer to what you wanna hear? Poor boy immigrates to the big city and becomes a successful writer?

Except I was never poor. I grew up with abundance.

My aunt walked me to school, my uncle took me with him to play basketball, my grandfather taught me to tie my shoes and made sure my punishments were light (I was his favourite, rest his soul).

My grandmother disciplined me, my other uncle made me sit on top of the roof while he washed his car. We all lived in the same home my grandfather built on top of a hill in Trinidad.

My mother loved us enough to leave us in this home for two years so she could create opportunities for us in another country. Without that sacrifice, you wouldn’t be reading this. I wouldn’t be writing this. I was never poor. I grew up with abundance.

Are you still impressed?

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